Hello from A.M. Torres Author

In some ways I don’t know where to begin. Should I begin by introducing myself as the author, or do I introduce my first published book? I guess I can do both. For starters my book Love Child is the first book of my series I’ve called The Child Series. It’s followed by  Child No More, and Child Scorned, and I am currently writing Child Game which I hope will be ready by the end of this year or at least by early next year. That book should have been finished already, but there has been so much going on in my life right now, that has slowed down that progress in fact the year has been a busy one for me.

But I am working on it. But let me start from the beginning. I am a writer who loves to write novels and poetry. I live in New York, and I am the mother of two boys Jason and Kristofer Lewis. My first book Love Child was dedicated to them. And speaking of Love Child I will like to speak a little bit about my first title.

I have been trying to write a novel for years, but I could never get myself disciplined enough to get my ideas together so I could write something much less combine it. Of course I wanted to write something of fiction. Something similar to the kind of books I have always loved to read. Those type of books that are hard to put down. The books that quickly come to mind for me when I think of such books, were written by such authors like V.C, Andrews, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Dean Koontz, Tami Hoag, Jonathan Kellerman, and Michael Connelly just to name a few. The Outsiders from S.E Hinton was probably the novel that made me want to become an author.

But it was V.C Andrews and her Dollanganger series that kept me up at all hours as these were books I just couldn’t put down. Her Casteel series was the same way or at least the first two books. These books were influences, and I wanted to write something that would keep readers hooked just like those books did for me. Let’s face it there are so many books out there, too many self published authors these days trying to break in like I am. So we try. We can only try. We write and we try.

I spent years writing Love Child. I began to write in on paper many times during the nineteen nineties. I began it over so many times, that I gave up on it more than once.  I didn’t do that, and I’m glad I didn’t. I finally had the book self published on April 2011, but I recently had it re edited with the new cover I posted here this year. The book is in the Suspense genre and some readers have said that they couldn’t put it down when they read it. In that sense I did accomplish a small feat of what I hoped to do. I say small because I am still hoping to get the book in the hands of more readers. Hey many more readers.

The story is not only fiction it covers many themes. It’s a family drama. Tommy Hulette the protagonist has to overcome a lot in the story. Some things he overcomes are emotional. It is a very emotional story. But its not a story I wrote just for the sake of making it an emotional story to get a cheap reaction. I feel the need to point that out, because as I have been searching for agents, and publishers who I hope to interest in my series, one of them point out that they accept rape in their stories, but not pedophilia rape told by the author just for the sake of getting a thrill.

I emphatically insist that this is not what Love Child is about. Love Child covers many themes. Suicide, abandonment, and rape are among the themes in Love Child, but in no way is Love Child just some rape story. It’s a fiction story yes, but these themes are not only used to enhance the story they are used to bring attention to the many issues the book covers. A lot of real life issues that I mention bullying being one of those issues too.

Love Child is the story of Tommy Hulette who lives in the ghetto, and he loses his mother to suicide which will turn his life upside down. She had suffered from depression, from a life of frustration being one of the reasons which leads to Tommy and his sister being abandoned by their remaining parent their father. He sends them to live with Tommy’s relative who winds up being his tormentor as he wants Tommy to kill himself too. Tommy is victimized but must fight for his survival even as he struggles to keep his sister safe.

The cover I posted here is the third cover for this edition. I like this cover better, and it certainly fits the suspense of the story. It’s probably safe to throw in some horror as well.




Overcoming Shy

I love writing. Publishing my child series has been one of my proudest moments as a writer. Finding readers who have enjoyed the series has been a humbling experience for me. In some ways its even surreal. Just knowing that readers can care about characters you created is a priceless feeling.

Of course Ive experienced this as an avid reader myself. I care about the characters I read about. They become real to me whether their heroes, villains, supporting characters. They all matter to me. Rarely do I even picture the author of any story I fully get into. And thats one of the best things about reading and its been the best thing about writing. The fun of meeting the endless characters you create and read about.

But publishing is only one part of succeeding as an writer or an author. Once your book is completed and its published the next phase is getting it out there. Putting it in the hands of readers. Sharing your work. That has been my biggest challenge as an author.

Its not only struggling with limited funds which makes investing in promotions difficult. Its coming out of my comfort zone. Being outspoken enough to talk about my book even on social media for example. Im an introvert who has always struggled to meet people. So you’d think promoting on the internet behind a screen would be easy. For introverts its the best way. The easiest way since we dont have to directly interact with anyone in person. At least not yet.

And yet its been difficult for me to do even that. I have attributed it to shyness. Silly as it may sound for how can one be shy behind a screen? Youre not interacting with anyone. I tell myself this all the time. Even so I end up feeling lost on what to post on the internet so I dont post. I end up hiding as if eyes are on me. I flounder day to day accomplishing little.

Well I am a writer. Ive written a series of novels. I am a poet who has published two poetry books. I am a Christmas lover who has written a few Christmas poetry books. I admin a few Christmas pages on Facebook. Thats all in fun. But now its time for me to come out of my comfort zone of hiding. I want to meet more readers and people in general. Fellow authors. Fellow poets. I want to introduce the characters Ive created in my series. I want to share poems. And I will love to get a chance to read about your books and what you love to read. I want to read more of your blogs here and plan to do so. And hopefully this way we wont only get to know each other we’ll help each other. Regardless of whether you write, work etc. Its something I look forward to. Thanks for reading.

Please feeel free to leave any comments and thoughts. Feel free to share your own writings. Advice. I welcome all of it. I look forward to it. With much love and appreciation.

What is Love Child

First I must apologize for my long absence from my blog here. I last wrote here back in September of last year which was on September 2 I believe. This was only a few days before the sudden death of my therapist Michael Hy Rein, and a month before the death of my father Gabriel Torres, who’d been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for the last few years. To say it’s been hard would be an understatement. The Christmas holidays were rough, but comforting in a way that helped me cope. I’ve struggled to pick up the pieces. Some days I don’t know where to begin. The mourning process is always hard, trying to make sense of things we can never make sense of.

I have managed to go on writing. My second poetry book Turmoil is nearly complete, and I am still writing the fourth book of the child series Child Game. Child Game would have been completed if it hadn’t been for so many personal issues that stem long before these tragedies. Imagine this is already the fourth book to the series. Oh it will be a finished book of that I can assure you. On my last two blogs I spent some time discussing the first book of the series,  and I also discussed the writing dream. Now I will like to take some time to discuss Love Child again. A few weeks ago I ran a free promotion on my Amazon account that allowed readers to download Love Child for free on their kindles.  The promotion ran for a couple of days, and I am happy to announce that it was successful.

I did the same thing with its sequel Child No More, and the result was the same in fact even more successful. With these promotions, I hoped to introduce the child series to more people which could mean more reviews, an expanded fan base, and more word of mouth. I’m willing to sacrifice some sales to expose my series to more people. After all if since I can’t afford expensive promotions, this is certainly one inexpensive way I could go. And meeting new people; new readers is always something I look forward to doing.

But as more people read Love Child (I got a review I didn’t know I had in Goodreads, I wanted to once again explain what Love Child is about, because I’ve read requests for stories that can give people the wrong impression. On one publishing site one publisher’s request is to not submit any rape stories just for the sake of writing one. I admit since reading that I have wondered if anyone has thought this about Love Child because of some of its content. I know the story may be a bit challenging (okay maybe it goes all out on some level) but I definitely want to point out that the story is not just a rape story. It was not written for the sake of just writing it. And I believe anyone who has read the book would agree (well I hope anyway lol) Love Child is more than just rape.

The story covers so many things from poverty, the ghetto, suicide, family problems, and there’s the war between Tommy and his brother. Despite all this the story has the old fashioned love story between Tommy, and Stephanie who meet in such a sweet way at the beginning of this story. So there’s a lot of reasons why you should give Love Child a chance. If you love fiction or suspense, and want what could be an entertaining read, then you may enjoy this. The kindle is only $2.25. Now forgive me if I sound like I’m throwing a sales pitch along with my explanation. But again Love Child is a story in suspense, but it is not only a rape story. It’s not only a suicide story. It is also a story about strength, survival, physically but especially mentally. There is much perseverance. In future blogs, I will get to the characters and who they are.


The Writing Dream

With writing has come a lot of frustration. This could be considered typical, but there’s a lot more to writing than just writing the story.  Once you have a published book, things may look exciting, until that moment of truth comes of selling your book. And if not selling then that moment of getting readers to read your book.

In short the headaches of promotion can be overwhelming. If you’re cash strapped it can be even more so.  For me it’s been these things and more. I first published Love Child in 2011. That’s been four years ago going on five. I have yet to arrange a book signing (a lot of reasons for that though) Money is part of the reason for that. Being self published is another for the challenge of selling a self published book as legit is always a tough one.

Sometimes I may hear or read that writing is not a real job, and self publishing could be associated with that in some way. However, I still wouldn’t take back publishing my book. The challenges have been overwhelming at times, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

By being published I am living my dream. I never could imagined ever publishing anything. I dreamed of it yes. Many times. When I began to picture myself as a published author I only had one self publishing option which I had planned on using if nothing else worked out. That was a while back. I wanted to write a book, but I could never discipline myself enough to get it done. Or maybe I just wasn’t disciplined enough to write. Whatever it was it took me a few years to get this done.

Today, I have nine books published, and I am having a blast. Not because I’m a best selling author, or wealthy from my writing. I am still dreaming of how far I can go as a published author especially if I am ever so lucky to be signed to a contract to say the least. I am just happy to be published. That has always been my dream, and in that sense I can say I accomplished that dream. Everything else is more work, and I am working on that.

So if you are dreaming of becoming published, and haven’t don’t give up. Write your book, and dream. Don’t lose confidence. I spent a lot of my life planning a book, and more years to get it written. I honestly never thought I’d do it. Now, I am working to get the word out, and though I’ve yet to have my book signing I am not giving up my plans to have one. Sometimes it feels as if my dream will not go further than being published, but I am determined to keep working on that. After all one dream at a time. So please don’t give up your dream whatever it is. More than anything never stop pursuing it no matter how long it takes.